Thunderbear, founded by Tommy T.W in February 2019 in Bandung, has developed into a leading fashion company in Indonesia. Thunderbear’s main focus is innovation in slip-on shoes, from basic designs to patterns and colors. Tommy.T.W, as the founder, encourages progress together with the principle of “self-reliant friends” involving friends and family in building this business. With consistency in the production process, Thunderbear emphasizes two main elements: the best materials and affordable prices. Thunderbear’s slip-on products not only display a simple appearance but also pay attention to every detail, including aesthetic value, material and quality. As part of the Indonesian fashion industry, Thunderbear has been active for more than four years, offering unisex shoes such as the “Easton” which has become a symbol of their success with its laced ornaments, canvas-suede material, vulcanized construction and authentic yellow soles.


The most comfortable local shoes that have attractive and authentic characteristics with affordable prices and good quality No. 1 in Indonesia


Providing the best care and consistent quality in comfort and materials for brotherbear in Indonesia.


The Thunderbear logo features a bear character walking towards the right, with an additional lightning bolt icon on its body. The bear character can be interpreted as a symbol of courage and strength; in this logo, the bear is depicted solidly and also serves as a focal point to convey a strong visual impression. The lightning bolt icon on the bear’s body adds a positive meaning, reflecting light. The logo also incorporates a font type as a representation of equality in letter form, carrying a positive connotation. The strength of the Thunderbear letter logo lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate into various graphic designs.